Detailed Comparison and Review (2024))

Health insurance policies are an essential financial tool to shield your savings during health scares, and considering the increasing medical inflation, availing of a health insurance policy would be wise. However, you must choose a plan that ensures guaranteed claim settlement when you need it the most. In such cases, you need the best health … Read more

Detailed Comparison and Review (2024)

If you seek a health insurance policy with industry-first features, affordability, and value-worthy add-ons, you’ve likely encountered two popular insurers: Niva Bupa Health Insurance and Care Health Insurance. With over a decade in the industry, both providers boast a vast pool of policyholders benefiting from their diverse, customised health insurance policies. However, if asked, how … Read more

HDFC Ergo vs Care Health Insurance: Detailed Comparison and Review

Health insurance policies are crafted to safeguard your finances when you face a health scare. However, this was the primary function of the basic plans. They are tailored to meet specific financial and medical needs. Multiple providers have embraced this trend, offering similar policies with innovative, industry-first features. However, when choosing a plan, the first … Read more

What is Section 10(10D)? – Benefits, Eligibility Criteria & Exclusions

Life insurance is designed to financially protect beneficiaries. Besides providing a financial safety net for the family, these policies also come with tax advantages, including benefits outlined in Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act of 1961. This tax tool helps individuals availing of life insurance plans to save up the taxes on the maturity … Read more

Types, Best Companies, and Choosing Tips

“What will happen when I die?” No. This isn’t a theological question. We are more focused on the financial aspect of this question. What happens to your dependents and your family and how will they handle the financial gap created by your absence?This is where life insurance policies come in. 💡 Did you know? India … Read more

Understanding Amount Settlement Ratio (ASR) in Insurance: A Complete Guide

With the pandemic as a constant memory in the rearview mirror, an increased awareness among millennials & Gen Zs, and a sizeable inflation – we have never been more finance savvy. Our evolving demographics and approach towards savings and investments have encouraged us to opt for insurance plans that would eventually safeguard our family’s financial … Read more

Complete Review Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance was founded in 2000 as a collaborative venture of India’s Aditya Birla Capital and Canada’s Sun Life Financial Inc. The brand has gained wide popularity owing to its brand name and offerings of various financial products, including – Endowment plans, term insurance policies, ULIPs, child plans, critical illness policies, retirement … Read more